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By Claire Cohen. A third of children taken into foster care are being separated from their brothers and sisters, new statistics have shown. Action for Children obtained the data through a Freedom of Information request.

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More than half of children are split up from their brothers and sisters as demand for carers rises. Fostered children are being separated from their brothers or sisters because of a shortage of suitable homes. In some cases, where their natural parents have died, this means they are taken away from the only family they have left, according to new research by the Fostering Network.

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A single mother received the surprise of her life after discovering that the baby girl she was about to adopt shared the same biological mother as her newly adopted son. As soon as I started figuring it out that she was his sibling, I said, 'Absolutely, [I'll adopt her]. Page divorced in her early 30s before becoming a foster parent in

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Gooden was Her two daughters were grown. She had recently been laid off from her longtime job and, ready to do something new with her life, had been licensed as a foster parent.

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A sibling is one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common. A full sibling is a first-degree relative. A male sibling is a brotherand a female sibling is a sister.

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Switch to new thesaurus. She fostered the children for several months. She fostered the child's talents.

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I have always taken the role of big sister seriously. I was four when my family started fostering, and in the two decades since then I have been a big sister of sorts to an ever growing number of foster siblings. As a young child I may not have had a choice in the matter, or a complete understanding of what fostering even meant, but I assumed the role enthusiastically, and when my birth sister Anna came along a couple of years later, when I was six, she too quickly fitted in to our eclectic family.

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To better understand the nature of sibling relationships among children in foster or adoptive placement and the challenges and processes involved in maintaining these relationships, we conducted an exploratory analysis of data collected from semi-structured interviews with caregivers of 14 foster and adopted children in San Diego County. We identified three patterns of placement histories and living situations which appeared to impact the degree of contact maintained with siblings: 1 children who had never lived together and were not currently placed together; 2 children who at some point lived with or were placed together with their siblings, but were now separated from them; and 3 children who had lived with their siblings all their life and were placed together with at least some of their siblings at the time of the interview. Implications for child welfare policy and practice are discussed. Every year, aboutchildren are placed into out-of-home care due to abuse and neglect U.

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Today I stand strong as a beautiful flower among withering weeds. I remember the first time I was sexually assaulted. My twin sister and I had just been adopted by my former foster mother.

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If you have ever considered being a foster carer, you might be concerned about what it would be like to have a new child or young person in your home. You may not know the details about the child, at least not immediately, but you do know that the child has suffered a traumatic experience. Once you learn about fostering and discuss foster care with a fostering agency and other foster carers, you will become more comfortable with the expectations of fostering. You will also learn that you are part of a team that has experience, skills, knowledge, and support that is always available for you.


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